Thursday, June 07, 2007

back in chocolate baby

magnolia bakery cake box

howdy! it's great to be back, all shiny & certified (i hope!).

so my husband thoughtfully helped me celebrate the end of the fearsome itil certification test with a nice slice of german chocolate cake from famed nyc cakeshop magnolia. it's almost as good as before it was sold.

can't wait 'til i have my own geeky green pin. . .

but as a follow-up, i must announce that i'm giving up the nyc coffee meetup group. work pressures are just eating away at my time, alas.

so with a lot of thought, i have turned it over to scaa board member and pro barista, nick cho of murky. this way it stays in the scaa's hands and he can find a local scaa member to run it, while aligning it with his group in d.c. and ensuring it stays on the scaa message.

it was great being organizer of the group while it lasted. i grew it from 5 to more than 700 people, but it's time to move on.

i want to thank all the members for their patience, support, and love of coffee over the years! keep on brewin'.

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