Sunday, June 17, 2007

the food movement that dare not speak its name

long-time readers know that when i started this blog, you couldn't even say the words "slow food" without being called a communist nut-case. now a few years later, everyone's familiar with the idea of food miles and local production.

when the foodie bloggers started up, it was all about (supposedly) their recipes and their rush to get a cookbook/food tv deal. they all wanna be "stars."

there were very few of us who, like the founder of slow, carlos petrini, were focused on ingredients and traditional (often home- or craft-based) techniques.

thus my little heart lifted today when i read this interview with petrini:

"he also has harsh words for the celebrity chef culture, obsessed with 'recipes, recipes, recipes'."

yuppers, i delighted in the interview, which you can read here.

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