Monday, June 25, 2007

gmcr's gombe reserve

yes, it's finally here – long-time bccy pal's gmcr has finally sent me some of the tanzania gombe reserve. devoted coffee lovers may remember that dougie posted about it this spring.

of course everyone who was at scaa's 2005 seattle conference remembers dr. j goodall's incredible keynote, which basically blew all minds present – including mine – for about, oh, a year.

the buzz on this bean is that you can't brew it drip. pish-tosh.

if you know how to brew coffee, you can brew it by any method; if you're using a machine-based system, then of course you have to have a decent machine.

that above website says "it fails in a drip coffeemaker" and then recommends you use a chemex – um, what else is a chemex but drip? when did chemex become, oh, an espresso maker?

this comment is proof only that said website has a bad auto-drip machine, or bad auto-drip machine technique, but let's not go there.

let's talk about jane and gombe. nah, better yet, just read about it.

for the record i'll be brewing this tomorrow in of course, the chemex. . .thanks to all my pals at gmcr!

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