Friday, July 13, 2007

friday the 13th

so today i was having a complete friday the 13th kinda day – at one point i thought tears were my only option short of rescue remedy – when i was completely saved by total bccy pal jessica marshall of batdorf. yes, even when the world is crumbling, dear readers, jessica's delicous goats come dancing through.

i had no idea today was going to be such a disaster, since last night i bumped into long-time yoga buddies alan klein and teacher rachel feinberg. we all played with the iphone, and i took rachel's pic (i swear i'll email that to you tomorrow, rachel!).

rachel had never been to yoga to the people, so i suggested some class times. it'll be interesting to see what she thinks.

speaking of interesting, the iphone gets more so every day as developers release shareware to offer document storage, voip, instant messaging, and even controlling your home mac remotely from the phone. that's right -- you can control your desktop from the phone and have it send you songs and documents!

the voip and document storage will be the first things i'll try this weekend.

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