Sunday, September 28, 2008

lovely packages

and what appeared at my door this weekend? 2 lovely survival packages, one from oren, and the other from don! hooray!

in a great time of chaos & need, rescue arrives!

o sends:

  • beowulf espresso, perfect for cutting thru syrup and milk for those textured morning lattes
  • ooh ooh a panama! never had this one!
  • and the most exotic png, a wonderful origin that most people, even coffee lovers, have never heard of, but of which you can say: yes, coffee like this is probably grown by indigenous people. if you want to help the truly poor, who are so impoverished the coffee has to be organic because they can't afford chemicals, stuff like this is probably the way to go

don offers:
thanks, you two coffee saviors! now to ponder which will make the best americano on this misty day. . .

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