Thursday, September 11, 2008

things you sniff: Bond No. 9 & Oren's Coban

bccy is sneaking back. it's a stealth mini-post today:

  • bond no.9's warhol lexington ave — the nice people from bond no. 9 figured out i was living in their so new york concotion of espresso & chocolate, so shot me this over to augment my habit. i love classic chypres like mitsouko – so take a chypre and add a gourmand quality – perfume you wanna lick right off the body! it's me all right, very me. sensuous, hedonistic, epicurean, and the bottle's all about shoes.
  • oren's new coban — you may recall his old coban. well, trust me, you'll be hearing more about this after i cup with him next tuesday afternoon. in the meantime, let me proclaim its great body from the housetops. and of course, floral, bright, clean. stay tuned.

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