Thursday, October 16, 2008

oren's brazil as an s.o.e.

must. keep. promises. in this case, to you, dear readers! and i promised to discuss oren's brazil cerrado as a single origin espresso.

i pulled this double shot on my beloved steamy latin lover, carlos expobar. long-time readers will recall that carlos is set for italian espresso temperatures, which are lower than those usually seen in most independent coffee shops.

oren's brazil cerrado is a little brighter than you might expect. this is good, because so many brazils are a little dull. but for some this would mean that it's not what they're looking for in a straight espresso, esp. brewed at a lower temperature.

however if you're making an americano or a cappuccino, the brightness helps, especially when it comes to helping the coffee cut through the milk. oren's brazil had an acceptably syrupy body and and an ok amount of crema.

i think in the end its woody-spicy aromas (i thought nutmeg, myself) made it a nice latte, but i can see how most espresso hounds would prefer it as an americano, 1-1/2 oz. espresso (that's a double in my house) to 4 oz. hot water.

i liked it best with a spoonful of raw sugar too.

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