Thursday, November 27, 2008

in response to readers' requests

how kind of you to email me asking about my dinner! ok, brace yourselves. . .consider how i started a new tradition here in bklyn.

truly long-time readers may recall that i frankly believe no man should be forced to eat turkey. if you sit them down, they will all, once they are fully convinced it's safe to do so, confess that they hate the stuff.

this is certainly true in my house, and stick-with-it bccy pals will remember that as a result, i now always serve porterhouse for thanksgiving. oh yeah: the perfect no-work holiday.

forgive me, i just can't understand people who work all day, sometimes even baking the day before, only then to face more than an hour of clean-up after. and for what? turkey?

look, i have total respect for everyone else's holiday traditions. i encourage you to work like a dog to uphold them. . .but really, i think he'd prefer you didn't!

1-1/2 inch thick porterhouse, a sensibly priced california cabernet sauvignon, a little salad, a little delicata squash, and julia childs' chocolate mousse. that's it.

the great thing about this menu is that there's almost no cooking. you make the mousse in 20 minutes at noon: putting julia's mousse together basically consists of microwaving the chocolate and whipping some cream. next.

the squash you halve, butter, drizzle with maple syrup and bake for an hour in a foil pan. salad gets spun, then dressed with a quick hazelnut oil vinaigrette.

the porterhouse you grill for 12 minutes. pop the cork — you're done. later, everything just goes in the dishwasher. no scrubbing.

i'll hand-wash the wine glasses tomorrow morning. and the best part? you feel like royalty.


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