Monday, November 03, 2008

must have coffees from oren

i've been a tad remiss in discussing oren's latest coffees, so let me get started quickly here by noting the must haves:

  • his c.o.e.-winning nicaragua - this came in second in the competition and is just a wonderful floral, bright, citrusy, caramel coffee, coming from just a few trees two sweet little farms. he sent me his yrg with which to compare - honestly, this is better. worth every penny. i mean it.
  • his smooth-as-james-bond canterbury blend - charming in the morning
  • his holiday blend - you have to do this in the chemex for best effect. seriously, otherwise its lemon-candy thing is overwhelming. but in the chemex, it's great. and the aroma's amazing, it will fill your house! well, it does mine.

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