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Friday, October 28, 2005

Checking In

Once again, thank you for all your kind words. I returned from the doctor today, who thinks I can go back to work next Friday after one more visit.

But the big news next Friday, Nov. 4th, is that Mark Pendergrast, the coffee author, and Don Schoenholdt of Gillies will appear for a full hour on the Leonard Lopate show live at noon on If the Lopate talk show isn't syndicated on your local public radio station, catch the live stream on the website, or download the podcast for later listening.

Don and Mark will be discussing the history of coffee, the history of the SCAA and perhaps will mention the SCAA consumer membership program.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thank you

Thank all of you for your comments and well wishes.

Unfortunately, I couldn't have the simple spot-laser weld surgery. I required the full "scleral buckle" surgery, where they need to open your eye and put it back together with crazy glue and a rubber band! This is a more serious surgery.

I required general anaesthesia and now cannot read, write or use a computer for a week (so my husband is typing this for me).

However, I am otherwise in fairly good spirits, although very tired. I am staying home not only because my depth perception is completely screwed, but also because I look like a Picasso painting.

It would definitely frighten the horses!

I was lucky to have one of the world's best retina doctors do the surgery at Mount Sinai. While I won't be making any pizza today, I will be able to do yoga in a month to 6 weeks.

Once again I appreciate your kind thoughts and they are very comforting while I spend a week on the couch eating fruit compote and listening to Harold Budd.

I'm glad the internet has brought to me such excellent friends as you all.

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