Saturday, November 13, 2004

a brief yoga primer

several weeks ago i wrote a bit about carl sheusi's ashtanga class at yoga people. devoted readers will recall that what i liked so much about carl was his great statement: "lotus poses are optional. don't do a pose if it hurts your knees."

and his gentle sense of humor is a big plus too! actually, carl is just a very gentle person, which in my experience is rare in a guy ashtangi.

anyway, carl sent me his awesome ashtanga booklet in adobe acrobat format, which i'm calling a "primer." it has attributed selections from various famed ashtangis that explain the point of this sadhana.

i just think it's one of the shortest and best introductions to the practice of ashtanga i've seen recently (it's about a 5 min. download on dial-up). that's why i'm putting it up here so that those interested can download, read and comment. . .

if you get a password warning, don't worry: you can open and read the document, just not cut or paste from it. just click thru the warning and enjoy!

back to coffee tomorrow. gotta run and make pizza dough so it can rise overnight!

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