Friday, November 05, 2004

more on coffee & anti-oxidants

"during the international congress on dermocosmesis currently held in rome and from which emerge the virtues of three typical products of the mediterranean diet: extra-virgin olive oil, chilli pepper and coffee - says the congress - are excellent anti-oxidizer, that is to say, they fight free radicals, responsible for the ageing of the body."

ok so this isn't the best translation of the report, but i think the meaning is clear. european dermatologists are arguing that the anti-oxidants in coffee and olive oil may help fight the effects of ageing.

so cook with olive oil and drink your coffee in moderation!

every year i grouse about the poor recommendations on coffee consumer reports gives. this year is no exception.

apparently they rate caribou colombian the only "excellent" coffee but also give high rating to dunkin donuts and 8 o'clock. well, long-time readers know i wish 8 o'clock well, but none of these are exactly the highest-quality specialty coffees.

i long for consumer reports to step up to the plate and look at premium coffees!

and finally, my heart overflows with gratitude to former scaa prez steve colten of atlantic. just when i thought i was going to have to go walk the streets and sell my body last night for shot glasses, he came thru!

thank you atlantic for supporting the scaa consumer member program. . .now monday morning will find me lugging carlos expobar, my mazzer grinder, and 2 gallons of volvic water to the exchange. somehow.

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