Tuesday, December 28, 2004

as usual, the government seems confused

"now, not only does just about every home in the u.s. have a percolator, but many also grind their own fresh from coffee beans."

wow! is the census bureau discussing 2004 or 1964? because i have to say i haven't seen an unironic perculator as an actual kitchen appliance since oh, 1977, even among my aged in-laws.

you know with the census they're always 10 years behind the state of actual life, but this seems even more regressive than usual. the mr. coffee autodrip swept america in 1975, just three years after its introduction. . .

but enough wonderment, which should be saved for jim p. of 1st-line. not only did he promise a capresso coffeetec as a door prize for the upcoming jan. 12 nyc coffee meetup event, he's shipped it next day to me!

it's here in my hot little hands even as we speak. it's a brand-new absolutely never used floor demo in stylish black!

for those of you who love drip-brewed coffee, this is considered a very fine machine. and it's on a programmable timer too.

when i have time, i'll go through it all and make sure all the parts are here. . .once again, i'm so grateful to jim!

if you'd like a shot at seeing this baby in your kitchen, run on over to the coffee.meetup.com site, r.s.v.p., and be prepared to meet me at juan valdez!

and finally, ooh ooh ooh, here's a great article about one of my favorite people, shirley corriher!

do not, do not, do not miss the sidebar with the links to 2 chocolate cake recipes.

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