Wednesday, December 29, 2004

sound of one light bulb flashing

'"'this morning, i read about the tsunamis and the thousand and thousands of people killed or losing their homes," she said. 'then I was buying some coffee beans, and realized i get sumatra all the time without really thinking about where sumatra is or what life there is like.' "

this comes from a nice article today that gives long-time bccy pals at batdorf a very nice mention (hiya jessica!). but what's more important is that it documents a eureka moment, when one consumer realizes her relationship with the coffee farmer.

but let's address her concern: what is life like for a sumatra small-holder coffee farmer, particularly in hard-hit aceh? not pretty, even before the earthquake, due to a low-level civil conflict: see here and here and here.

it seems so small, yet it's a profound instance of disintermediation, and that's a good thing! connecting consumers to roasters then to greenies and then onto the farmer is an important part of what the scaa's consumer membership program is trying to do.

the depth of the catastrophe in the region is astounding and remains horrifying. . .surely no one is unmoved.

i was also pleased to hear at long last from the fact-checker at new york magazine, meaning the cupping i held at the exchange with gillies and oren -- was it so long ago? -- will finally see the light of day. . .thanks once again to nybot and former scaa prez steve colten of atlantic for helping make that happen.

alas, i'm told we were seriously edited for space, so i'm a tad worried about what will actually run. . .

since this cold has me sicker 'en a dawg, i'm home today drinking more americanos and watching the light fade. despite all the various remedies i down, nothing can unblock my poor congested head.

i can barely breathe period and so i'm afraid it's still no yoga for me. i may miss new years altogether with this mess!

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