Monday, December 06, 2004

sudden death, part ii

when things fall apart. in this case, the bodum brazil cafetiére (a.k.a. french press) that may have been mr. right's very first gift to me lo those years ago.

you see, he immediately understood me from the beginning. . .coffee.

after many years of use, the screw threads and little collar that hold the screens onto the bottom of the plunger appear to have stripped. meaning when i pressed this morning, the plunger went down but the screens did not!

luckily the metal rod hitting the bottom of the pot didn't crack the glass. this is why, chi'll'un, one should always press one's pot slowly and with care.

also luckily, i have about 4 other bodum pots of various sizes, and will simply bring my big chambord back home from work. or, of course, i could ponder the value of an alessi (but the handle is uncomfy!). . .or a thermal carafe (but they don't really make sense as you need to decant the coffee as soon as you press it to fully stop brewing thru the screen). . .

nope, no alessi stylin' for me. the recent re-death of blanche has me facing the possibility of an electrolux magic mill expense (or a bosch! or a viking)!

and to make the entire experience complete, i've also finally worn a spot into my beloved black transformer mat. time to get a new manduka. . .these are said to last "about a century."

hah! how many times a week do these people jump back to chatarunga?

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