Sunday, January 23, 2005

après blizzard

ao i awoke this morning to just about 1 foot of snow, not nearly as bad as predicted. it was clear, sunny, and the snow plows cleared the streets about 3 times, thus burying all the cars on my block and ensuring they won't move until april.

frankly, as i stayed inside drinking yet another triple cappuccino made with jessica's terrific dancing goat from batdorf -- its walnutty taste goes great with yesterday's dense, chewy brownies -- i wondered why anyone would have a car in new york.

i mean, the insurance is incredible, you have to struggle to find a place to park it, and you have to move it every other day at 6 a.m. before the cops tow it so they can clean the streets. then on the day it is inevitably towed because you overslept, you pay the fine, get it outta the pound, only to have it side-swiped by a taxi before it's stolen.

or you can pay an amount equal to a second mortgage to buy an indoor parking space. this whole scenario makes the subway's prime people-watching even more appealing.

but i realize not everyone can be so philosophical on the morning after the blizzard, especially when christine chin calls and cancels your eyebrow appointment. for example, long-time bccy pal mary beth, who lives waaaay upstate, what we eustace tilly fans think of as "basically canada," apparently got socked hard.

but like all sensible people, she too deals with the vicissitudes of life by baking. in her case, she tried the fabulous challah recipe proposed by the holy hammelman.

and i have to say her results are molto impressive: mine, hers. good job, m.b.!

now it seems like you have something to eat until they come and dig you out up there. . .in the meantime, we are all tapping our fingers impatiently until dougie cadmus posts the pix from his trip to origin.

it's just getting ridiculous. everyone's been to the coffee fields now except for me!

this must be rectified. . .does anyone know a greenie with an extra space on their corporate jet as they head down to guatemala, costa rica, el salvador or brazil?

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