Saturday, January 22, 2005


at 3 inches an hour the snow's piling up here in nyc. it's so thick i can hardly see across the street, much less across the east river to manhattan.

but i remain unmoved -- when the weather's this bad, all i do is pull out my king arthur double-dutch dark cocoa blend and stir up a batch of the famed ultimate killer brownie with extra chocolate chips for a fudgy, chewy, puddles-o'-chocolate-
in-the-center delight.

snow? what snow?

of course i serve these with cappuccini brewed from batdorf dancing goat. because brownies need milk, you know.

the brownies take an hour minimum to set up in the center -- actually they are much better the next day but good luck keeping mr. right off them for even 30 mins. -- so i spent that a-washin' my hair. by the time i'd combed it out (easy way to pass a second hour) i was ready for coffee and a brownie myself.

for some reason i was feeling nostalgic even tho' i do loathe snow and so decided to listen to roxy music's avalon as the flakes pile up. forget drifts -- the wind's blowing everything sideways into snow dunes.

most of our bccy coffee friends are in california right now for various scaa-related activities, but it turns out i'm pretty content to look at the salmon-colored street lights transform this thick curtain of snow into a gentle swirling illuminated show while i cut myself another molten brownie. . .

i did also adjust the saeco 2002 to make the juan valdez winter blend in the cafetiére (that's a french press to you!). again. this time, despite the coffee's advanced age, i managed to find a nice middle malty, almost roasted barley, note.

but since this blend is a tad bright, it doesn't really go with said brownies to my mind, you know?

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