Thursday, January 20, 2005

juan valdez winter blend

this of course is the blend mary petitt gave out at the recent nyc coffee meetup at juan valdez.

i've made this coffee in the cafetiére (a.k.a. french press) and as brewed espresso, as i've said.

i found it a tad muddy and missing the middle notes in the press; mary herself attributes this to the fact i might have ground it too coarsely. so perhaps i ought to use a more vac pot kinda grind, or just plain make it in the vac pot tomorrow.

let's chat about, you know, the scaa flavor wheel in the great linglese. . .

as an americano, it's definitely bright -- mary calls it sparkling, while i'm sticking to crisp, but i'd advise you to believe her over me on this one, she's the certified pro cupper -- what we can agree on is the syrupy, honey aroma and chocolate-y note in the aftertaste.

since it's unbearably freezing in new york today, i got up early and drank a winter blend americano just to stay warm. living by the water is great until the winter wind comes screaming off the harbor over the east river.

i do love hearing the low, throaty horn of the staten island ferry as it leaves tho'. . .

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