Friday, January 21, 2005

coffee as a health food & lemon pledge

"people who drink more than a cup of coffee a day are less likely to develop liver cancer than those who do not, japanese researchers say."

this story immediately makes me think: that wonderful coffee anti-oxidant, chlorogenic acid!

but alas i can't find any mention of the research on the tohoku university website. this could be due to the fact the english pages aren't up-to-date.

we have to remember that coffee is the number source of those good anti-oxidants/polyphenols/flavonoids in the current american diet. again, if you're serious about this flavonoid business, yummy chocolate-y hot cocoa is the way to go; the amount of flavonoids in cocoa powder kicks green tea.

and while we're on the chocolate front, i recently acquired a bar of the new tree "forgiveness." we could all use more chocolate and forgiveness in our lives, yes?

the new tree line is one of these "functional food" things, where they add stuff that's supposed to be awesome for you; in this case, lemon and tuna cactus(!).

hey, i'm open-minded, and the new tree black-currant "renew" bar was dull, but ok. i mean, that's what i lived on for the 2 days i was at conference, remember? black-currant chocolate bars (back then they were calling it "eternity").

people who don't like yrgacheffe sometimes disparage it as having a "lemon pledge" taste. well, lemme tell ya, that taste is nothing compared to the ultimate pledge-ness of this new tree bar.

it's horrible -- horrible. did i say really bad? to mimic oren's style. . .

mr. right actually made jokes about dusting the furniture with it. "no," i said, "you eat it, not dust with it."

"oh," he replied, "you eat it to clean your spleen! a clean spleen with the power of lemon," he cried.

the cat wasn't amused. the bar's still sitting on my kitchen counter.

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