Monday, January 17, 2005

small world

i was so honored today to have the chance to talk to former scaa president linda smithers, who's now with daterra coffee. this is so interesting because i believe some of the daterra superpremium brazil is in the stockfleth's espresso blend that's coming from 2004 world barista champ, tim wendelboe!

but of course linda smithers is one of the loveliest and most gracious people in coffee today. speaking of lovely and gracious coffee people, i took the time today to make up some of the juan valdez coffee mary petitt gave out at the recent nyc coffee meetup.

this "winter blend" is also called "el retorneo," in honor of the return of displaced coffee families to their villages. i made this coffee in the cafetiére (a.k.a. french press) and as an americano.

i have to say that for a coffee i believe mary intended as drip, it had very good crema, and i really liked it in the americano. it's crisp, tho', even when brewed as espresso.

i'll talk more about this coffee in a little bit when i've had more time with it.

i did want to make up the last of david's atomic organic essenza this morning, which i served to mr. right. he quite liked it, actually, altho' the i sometimes doubt that any coffee can ever take the place of his favorite batdorf dancing goat.

as it's aging, the essenza's chocolate-y feeling increases. i think it makes a great cappuccino on a frigid winter morning!

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