Saturday, January 15, 2005

fresh goat and the essenza

what a day! we here at bccy started the morning with a triple cappuccino made with absolutely fresh batdorf dancing goat. what fine coffee that is -- thank you as always jessica!

later as i proceeded into the boule process via st. hamelman, i made a napoletana of david's atomic organic espresso, the essenza. 7 days old now, but it is yummy, yummy; outta the napoletana it had a very strong dark chocolate finish.

tomorrow i'll brew it as espresso in silvia. due to the freezing cold weather today -- remember it was 60 yesterday, right? -- the bread was rising slowly, so it wasn't ready to bake by the time i had to leave for the dentist.

i stuck it in the fridge to hang out while i was gone. i must say, blanche performed as good as new. . . and i used my brand new roul'pat mat for shaping the dough.

this meant i didn't have to put flour on the counter, thus no flour on the floor, and so mr. right was a very happy camper. despite being sick as a dog.

but since he was as sick and sad as 3 dogs staring thru a plate-glass window at a string of hot dogs, i decided to make him some hot cocoa, which he loves.

my recipe for hot cocoa goes like this: 1 tablespoon droste cocoa; 1 tablespoon sugar-free da vinci white chocolate syrup; 1/8 teaspoon chinese 5 spice powder; 1 tablespoon light cream.

combine these in the bottom of a cup and stir to a paste with a fork. slowly add 6-8 oz. of the milk product of your choice, stirring the whole time.

heat for about 2 mins. in the microwave, stir again. add 1-3 drop(s) vanilla if you like; enjoy!

the bread turned out perfect, as all of hamelman's recipes always do. . .you bet.

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