Saturday, January 08, 2005

a very pleasant visit

so the fabulous catie "sustainable coffee is my middle name" baril of green mountain and her friend monica came down from vermont for a fair-trade tea event, held by zhena to benefit eve ensler's great v-day cause.

held at famed fantasy palace abc, eve spoke for a bit (never have i heard the "v-word" used as so many parts of speech: adjective, adverb, verb, preposition, etc.), zhena spoke for a bit, the pure belly dancers undulated, and then we went out for pizza!

i just think catie is one of the coolest and most orange people in the world! we came back to bklyn and i made her a triple macchiatto of andrew's ecco caffé northern-italian espresso.

this is the coffee based in the sweet, heavy, superpremium, prize-winning brazils he buys from a greenie in europe!

i just think it's a fantastic coffee, very smooth. i'll try drinking this tomorrow in a more analytical way, but let me say that catie was impressed and is taking the pound of his organic version back to vermont with her to sample around. . . she also made off with a pound of caffé d'arte's firenze blend.

and in other news, the long-absent kitchenaid stand mixer, blanche, came home today after repairs. i love solomon's appliances: they fixed her for free! zero! zip! zilch!

this kind of excellent customer service is the kitchenaid way, and solomon's is an authorized kitchenaid center, so i suppose i shouldn't be suprised. but i am "v-word" grateful!

finally, i looked today in awe at mary beth's sourdough rye. she's nailed it after just 3 tries; seriously i could see this floured loaf on sale at dean & deluca for US$8.

and what's incredible is her heated aquarium setup for keeping the sourdough starter at the perfect working temperature. i repeat: incredible.

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