Saturday, February 05, 2005

where did the day go?

heavens, i woke up this morning, had a dancing goat cappuccino, made a pan of killer brownies with extra chocolate chips, then mary petitt of juan valdez came by (feb. 9 is coming up fast), and we made some of don schoenholt's famous gillies yrgacheffe.

(with the brownies i gave mary the choice of gillies "kuda mas" triple-pick, grade 1, japanese preparation sumatra -- which don sent 3 ways, regular, swiss water decaf in a spiffy blue bag, and organic, for comparison -- or the renowned yrg.

i was sure with chocolate she would choose the sumatra! but no! the yrg! and she was right. . .)

then she had got a parking ticket, and was late for dinner. next thing i know, i'm in the middle of hero, that high-wire combination of kurosawa, bertolucci, and zhimou's own melancholy style.

strangely, it pretty much works and is lush to look at. wham! it's suddenly now.

where did the day go? at least the yrg was fantastic. . .so lemony. . .so balanced. . .i made it in the cafetiére (french press to you!) and it came out as delicious as always.

this isn't a tea-like yrg, the way andrew's ecco yrg was. not at all. it's an amazing cup of coffee, that's all there is to it.

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