Monday, March 07, 2005

48 hrs. and countin'

that's right, dear readers, it's just 48 hours to the next scaa consumer nyc coffee meetup. yesterday i finished retouching the "espresso 101" presentation, first put together for the 2004 atlanta conference by awesome altie and c-member jim schulman.

i do have some gaggia equipment to give away to newbies, sweetly donated by whole latte love, and some roasted coffee for everyone else, also sweetly donated by a vareity of roasters.

i'll have some kind coffee pros -- 3 or 4 pro baristi and at least 1 pro roaster -- to help everyone out as we play with the la marzocco 2-group espresso machine at this hands-on espresso workshop.

time is always too short, but i hope with these many tampers to aid us everyone who wants to will get at least once chance to pull a proper shot. and drink it!

naturally i finished my little tasks while drinking an americano of the ruby blue and listening to low's newest disc, which is quite interesting -- much better than pitchfork thinks. or maybe it's just because i'm from kansas and have survived a couple of tornadoes that i can relate to the giant thunderhead on the cover.

then i made a practice cappuccino just for the heck of it, to practice that basic swirl-type etching another time before the meetup.

tomorrow i really must get to terry's doma "primo's organic espresso." but oh am i loathe to leave that ruby!

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