Friday, March 11, 2005

hip hip harrar

and so i began my morning with yet another nice cafetiére (that's a french press to you!) of terry's doma ethiopian organic harrar. i'm convinced this is the same harrar that appears in the ruby blue, which should tell you how lovely it has been.

it began with a solid, juicy blueberry aroma and a great chocolate flavor. . .at 10 days old, this harrar's blue sensation is now fading, fading, fading. but the chocolate stays strong in this beautiful coffee.

and then what came in the mail but a care package from mark inman at taylor maid. it enclosed not only a bottle of the barista competition wine, the 2001 syrah, but also those cute yellow cans of his espresso a-go-go and his occidental blend.

everyone knows how i feel about the a-go-go. i feel passionately about the a-go-go; i adore it. . .

also as the usbc continues, the news stories are racking up! such as this one here, that features long-time bccy pals chris deferio and kevin cuddeback from gimme coffee.

(what's my favorite gimme blend? the leftist! highly recommended!)

finally -- i hope tim fleming of caffé d'arte really means this -- as you can see in the very final comments here -- tim is kindly offering to let all bccy readers call him for free coffee samples of d'arte's famous roasted espresso blends. he asked for it. . .

all you guys have to do is make his phone ring off the hook!

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