Wednesday, March 23, 2005

legal seafood

last night all the people involved in this business event that has sent me to boston decided to go to the famed legal seafood. once there, we decided to share a bottle of wine.

dread moment! it turned out several of the people wanted a white wine. meanwhile, two others insisted the only whites they liked were rieslings and gewurtztraminers. oh oh oh no.

but there i was, trying to be a good citizen and play nice in the sand box. thus i suggested everyone go with the fairly reliable trimbach, which makes both types.

"sweet or buttery?" i asked -- to say "dry" i think confuses people sometimes, because dry doesn't sound appetizing. "plain sauce or are you going to choose a spicy sauce for your fish?" (because i think that sweeter wines might go a tad better with a spicier sauce. . .mostly.)

the choice was buttery/dry. so the trimbach gewurtztraminer was the choice. i have to say, i was afraid to have the coffee there, since all the coffee i've had in boston that i haven't made myself has been, as expected, too weak. . .

but on that coffee note, the coffee masters blend i've brought with me to boston is holding up nicely. there's a fair bloom and a nice chocolate-y aftertaste.

bodum travel press, i love you. and this evening, i hope to make it back to the yoga mandala center.

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