Wednesday, March 30, 2005


" 'you can get a tight butt, an open heart and a calm mind all in an hour and a half,' lee said."

but with all due respect, i think the spokesperson from yoga journal maybe underestimates the number of americans doing yoga; it may be more like 20 million+(and here and here) nowadays.

a 2002 poll from u.s. news and world report found 18 million then.

and anyone who's turned on oprah, picked up a magazine, or actually darkened the door of a studio can testify that the trend has mushroomed to an unimaginable size since.

speaking of another trend(!), this one global: coffee has passed from the traditional coffee house, into the new coffee-wine bar, into cocktails, and this has sparked interest in coffee as an ingredient in savory dishes beyond red-eye gravy!

i know a lot of articles you find pair dead leaves with seafood and coffee with red meat. but i suggest you try a very light coffee sauce with duck, goose, or even oily fish like salmon.

last year, at long-time bccy pal clay gordon's now famous chocolate dinner, i thought the savory cherry-chocolate sauce on the duck would actually have been improved with a touch of coffee. . .

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