Thursday, March 17, 2005

politics is boring, boring

in response to several emails -- and only in response to them -- i'm briefly touching on the "skirt blogger" question. needless to say, i think all 3 esteemed chick columnists, anne applebaum, maureen dowd, and dahlia lithwick, are completely out of it.

long-time readers may recall that in a previous incarnation, i lived in that overpriced swamp called d.c. and had a capitol hill press pass. i too hung about the national press club.

wow, does that life suck. politics is booooring; with all due respect, there's nothing going on in any meaningful way within that dangerous psychological disease known as "inside the beltway."

the beltway quickly becomes a weird mental wall creating this sick cuckoo's nest, with its own crazed and sadistic social and issue hierarchy that the inmates fantasize is real. what's scary is that you don't actually have to live in the swamp to be sucked into its mindset.

those people have to run themselves into these crazy loops just to keep from turning to self-multilation out of confinement stress.

and part of the unspoken rules of the beltway reality disorder -- this should really go into the dsm v -- is that women never really count. ever.

since most women are sane tomatoes, of course they steer clear of this no-win nonsense. and this is why the vast majority of women bloggers aren't of the political war blogging type, and never will be.

we're not that crazy. and we're not stupid either, unlike the talented dowd, who knows the rules of the vicious muckpool full well but today weeps that the white house won't give her a press pass because they are so mean.

sure, mo', you're witty, but really who cares? your cat?

and this is my general take on the "blogging situation" -- 62% of americans still don't know what a blog is, and among those who do, the majority still don't appear to live on the sites belonging to the self-important war bloggers.

yes, like the rest o' da 'net, where people don't read, they skim, even the blog-aware seem to half-arsedly scan thru a couple and then return from the emerald city to auntie em.

many people write to me and say, if you only wrote about this or that, you'd be an "a-list blogger." but why would i ever want to think about any of that useless, more-disconnected-from-reality-than-a-hunter-s-thompson-lsd-trip stuff?

sure, i link to altercation -- mostly because i briefly met the dr. several times in d.c., not that he would ever have cause to remember -- but half the time when i read it, my eyes go into screensaver sleep mode because it is such pointless, inside baseball. (the other half is in fact noteworthy.) the real "inside baseball" baseball would be more interesting. . .

this is why i happily write away about topics that are part of everyone's normal life. almost everyone eats bread or chocolate (or wants to)!

a huge number of americans drink coffee everyday. and coffee is fascinating -- the world's second most-traded commodity, it affects the global economic system, and the lives of more than 25 million families who produce it around the world.

it is also a beautiful, historic, passionate, and romantic fine beverage. almost every aspect of coffee rewards interest.

plus, the world of coffee welcomes women. even the most casual coffee lover enjoys talking about their favorite brew -- imagine! a jade-friendly place where people want to talk about a topic of actual real-world importance!

the obvious but profound fact: coffee is worth my time, as a twist member of the dopey -- (mo' dowd's cat coughing up a hairball sound here) -- blogosphere. while instant opinions on hr 0000 or the celebrity trial of the day serve up a swill as nauseating as nescafé.

who in their right mind wants to drink that? dowd et. al. should realize there is life outside the fetid slough, girlfriends!

we have evolved to walk on land.

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