Tuesday, March 08, 2005

the primo

i don't want to start by saying "i had to tear myself away from the ruby blue" -- but this morning i had to tear myself away from the ruby blue to check out terry's doma "primo's organic espresso."

this espresso seemed a little oilier than the others, and so perhaps a tad beyond the full-city+ situation of the vito's and the ruby blue. or this could be perhaps be due to the fact that the coffee's a little older, now 7 days.

as always, the great linglese, and the scaa flavor wheel. . .

the primo's has some similarities to the vito's, in that the dry grounds share a green-spicy fragrance, but i would say the primo is more coriander-scented.

it also seems more caramel-y, even maple-syrupy, and has a stronger bitter cocoa powder aftertaste, with a dry finish that leaves you feeling like you'd like to have a glass of water with it.

as a result, i think it works very well in a cappuccino, because it can clearly sound through the milk and even a little of the da vinci simple splenda syrup.

if you're the kind of person who feels illy would be an good cup if it were both fresh and a little bolder, then i think you might like the primo's quite a bit!

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