Saturday, March 12, 2005

wine of the barista competition

wineand with the usbc continuing, i was so happy to receive the 2001 vintage syrah from the roshambo winery that mark inman of taylor maid put together for the western regional barista championship in feb. isn't the label elegant?

long ago i used to keep a wine book of labels, but then a bunch of people made fun of me, so i don't do it anymore. but if i still had it, i would definitely add this label, for its simplicity and funky style.

the wine itself is well-reviewed. i know the laws in the u.s.a. are all crazy about ordering wine on the 'net, but i hope some of you, dear readers, can manage it!

i intend to open this wine tonight or tomorrow, depending on what's up with the current bottle we need to finish here at bccy. maybe today, since i'm not so sure this is a wine to drink with our regular sunday pizza!

it's just a blueberry week here, since this wine is said to have blue notes, and of course i'm still drinking americanos made with the fabulous doma delight, ruby blue. i defrosted a loaf of my own boule made from st. hamelman's recipe, cut two pleasant slices, spread 'em with a little rabbit rillette, and called that a fine lunch.

maybe i should have duck with prunes this evening, and try the syrah with that. . .? hmm, seems to be acceptable. . .even classic. . .

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