Thursday, March 24, 2005

yay jonathan!

and as nick of murky coffee pointed out in the comments on yesterday's post, long-time bccy pal jonathan of joe has a nice little mention in the ny times (use bugmenot).

devoted readers will recall that i held my last march 9 coffee meetup there, the famed hands-on espresso workshop.

then i also gave a quick run-thru of some basics of scaa chief ted lingle's flavor wheel and such with his staff, both of his current store and the new one that's about to open. . .jonathan was nice enough to call this boring little chat "the best event to ever happen" at his place.

i hope we can all go back and do more wheel, the nez du café and of course a formal cupping! ted claims that staff who get this training sell an extra pound of coffee every day for every 3 flavor wheel words they learn to experience.

so this staff training is of great use to all coffee shop owners and retailers!

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