Thursday, May 26, 2005

get ready for the june coffee meetup!

that's right -- thanks to kenny nye's generosity, the upcoming june 8 nyc coffee meetup will be held at his 9th st. espresso at 7pm. he's opening just for us so we can sample his latest blend.

i know while i was in london there was a little confusion about the may meetup, for which i'm most sorry. i just couldn't log in remotely for some reason and meetup isn't the greatest with tech support.

but it's all better now, and i have a home roaster from the fabulous jim p. of 1st line to offer as a door prize. thanks for your continuing support of the scaa consumer member program for all this time, jim.

run on over and r.s.v.p. can't wait to see you all again so soon!

while i was talking to kenny yesterday, he and i discussed tamper bases. devoted readers know i'm very happy with both my flat-base reg barber and my new lightly curved-base from kenny's own espressocraft line.

kenny and i talked for a long time about the differences between the two, and we both came to the conclusion: whether on ms. silvia or my carlos expobar, i'm currently thinking that the light curve is giving me slightly better coffee. . .he finds the same thing on the commercial machines in his shop, as well!

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