Tuesday, May 31, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxxi

"a new report suggesting tea is declining in popularity should come as no surprise to pubs cashing in on the u.k.'s growing coffee culture."

and it comes to no surprise to us here at bccy, either. but i do recoil at the term "vanilloccinos."

and long-time readers know full well my spiel on how much revolutionary social change -- in fact the modern world of capitalism and liberal democracy -- was created at the london coffeehouse. and it's also been a point of discussion how this coffee-rooted change has happened only in the west, despite the long-standing tradition of coffeehouses in the middle-east.

but today presents a story that forces us to wonder if the transforming social power of coffee is finally asserting itself in turkey:

"a group of istanbul women have taken to the city's men-only coffee houses to promote human rights reforms introduced by the government. at the same time, they're reviving a centuries-old tradition."

this fascinating story's a must read for all coffee drinkers and thinkers!

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