Friday, May 20, 2005

sweet spot for charity

all long-time readers know i'm a big believer in philanthropy, and so bccy choco-pal john nanci informs me of this good cause, the chocolate cure.

while i don't know the girl involved personally, she is a friend of john's. and i am pretty darn fond of john (along with his black utili-kilt; only for dedicated 'net skirts who like ink!).

so go there in fairly good faith! in other chocolate news, some hack from godiva wrote me to ask if i would hawk their new chocolixir chocolate beverage product.

this is pretty funny, because if godiva actually read this blog, they'd know i largely prefer artisan chocolates, which they are decidedly not. "if you can help us out with this promotion, we can offer you a pound of godiva chocolate to either keep for yourself or give away on your site," they write.

sorry godiva; neither myself nor anyone i know is really gonna leap at that offer. . godiva, the gevalia of chocolate. . .can i bear to actually link to gevalia from here?

i guess i can, but i'm holding my bejeweled nose as i do so.

anyway, lemme tell you about the colten blend that's so great with the dulce de leche for those readers roasting along at home: it's 50% sumatra mandheling, 45% sumatra lintong, and 5% kenya aa. don't wait; try it out now!

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