Friday, June 03, 2005

about that yoga mat

yesterday when i went to yoga, pedro wrinkled his nose and nearly left class. why?

he's a long-time fellow yoga student who often rents a mat, and he was frankly disgusted at the state of the public mats. it's true: many yoga studios don't wash those rental mats and blankets as often as they should.

of course mat-care products are legion: cleaning sprays by vermont soap, etc. are common sights. many budget-minded yoga students even make their own.

but the spray bottle is a pain to carry about and then the mat takes time to dry. that's why these new, easy-to-carry & almost-instant-dry yoga mat wipes piqued my interest.

has anyone used these? i'd love to hear some feedback. . .

in other news, i recently overheard a discussion as to whether prayer was effective. in my case this week, i can say yes!

as always, i'm grateful to jessica of batdorf for sending without fail mr. right's favorite coffee, the sweet, heavy, walnuts-n-caramel dancing goat! you have no idea how much this contributes to a happy home here in bklyn. . .

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