Saturday, August 27, 2005

coffee & fresh dates

so i looked up from my dublin core immersion long enough to get my daily fill of intense anti-cancer antioxidants. that is, i made a nice americano with jessica's fresh batdorf dancing goat and indulged in a fresh date (i should have stuffed it with mascarpone).

you see, this time-honored italian snack (click here for fancy california version) is apparently one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, according to long-time bccy pal, dr. joe "square dance" vinson:

"at nearly 1,300 milligrams of antioxidants consumed a day, java easily topped other popular sources of antioxidants such as tea, milk, chocolate or cranberries. actually, the team found that dates have the highest antioxidant punch based on serving size, but 'americans just don't eat that many dates,' [vinson] said."

just another endorsement for the italian way of life, hmm? who knew this great info?

actually, we did. dr. joe's been saying this for years now.

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