Sunday, August 07, 2005

ecco espresso with ello reserve

and what makes a fine-sipping americano when making pizza dough? naturally, andrew barnett's ecco northern italian espresso with ello reserve.

this coffee has a stronger chocolate/cocoa aftertaste than that silly chocatal product ever dreamed of. as long-time readers know i'm just a huge fan of andrew's coffees, and this is another example of why.

in fact, i wonder if this coffee would be fantastic iced -- with some light cream it might be rather like a coffee-chocolate milk. . .hmm. must try this in the chemex.

if it brews nicely there, we'll see how it takes to refrigeration. . . btw, i hope you all are as fond of dougie cadmus' new blog look as i am.

i've added another folding step to my pizza dough, so it's time to run off and do that now. i think even just one more fold during the rise makes the dough chewier, which is always an important goal to me!

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