Sunday, August 14, 2005

fold 4 times

this is what i'm trying with today's pizza dough, folding it 4 times for the max chewy texture. my husband loves a pizza crust that's lightly golden with random dark brown spots, a thin layer of cripsy crunch when you first bite into it, and then a central portion of chewiness.

so this is what i'm trying to achieve. and of course, as with all things, it's an 80-20 rule situation -- getting that last 20% to perfection is actually 80% of the work!

but long-time readers know me; i'm too stupid to say die and so slave away trying out any technique that will bring me closer to my goal!

yesterday -- besides being forced by blogger to once again email in my post, which fortunately seemed to arrive, altho' the formattng is completely askew -- was famously about 110 degrees f here in nyc. today is much cooler, but i still enjoyed making don's gillies coffee yrg in the chemex as an experiment.

i tried all the new tricks -- placing a straw at the back, folding the filter point flat -- and the coffee was much better! it still took 17 min. 30 secs. to brew 48 oz. however. i will say that actually lifting the filter out of the pot my its ends is the fastest way to brew.

however, since i was always folding the dough, i just couldn't stand there holding the filter the entire time. . .i think i do prefer don's yrg in the chemex, as opposed to the cafetiére. . .

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