Monday, August 08, 2005

nyc coffee meetup just 2 days away

yes, it's true: it's already time for another coffee meetup. run on over to the event and r.s.v.p.

you'll be glad you did! it's at jonathan's joe east side location. no big agenda this time, just hang out with other coffee lovers and chat for a bit.

i did make andrew's ecco espresso with the ello resevere in the chemex this morning. i have to say, chemex doesn't suit this coffee, to my mind.

the cafetiére is probably going to be better.

also on the yoga front: yesterday at i managed a pose i've been working on for quite a while, another arm balance. at yoga people, we tend to call this pose "flying lizard," but if anyone knows its real sanskrit name, do tell!

so, lemme describe this asana: from lunge, turn the forward foot out 45 degrees and set your elbows down on the floor, keeping the back leg straight and the head and spine in line. this is "lizard."

to make the lizard fly, nestle the arm nearest the front leg under the thigh, so the leg comes over the shoulder, and extend the arms out to the side. this is commonly called "airplane," tho' again, if anyone knows the real name, please offer it!

doing airplane allows you to get the feel of a balance in this position. it's much easier to balance if you press the head of your shoulder into the back of your calf like a mad dog.

once you're in airplane without effort, then put your palms down on the floor and bend the arms, as if to create a wide crocodile arm position. the shoulder is still under the thigh.

now lean your upper body forward so you can pick your front leg off the floor and straighten it. once you're there, all you have to do is pick your back leg off the floor likewise and push the crown of your head towards the front of the room.

your weight is fully held in both arms and when you're still new in the pose your upper body may be resting on the backs of the bent arms. i'm sorry that i can't find a pic of this pose on google anywhere, but i hope this description is adequate.

i've always assumed that this pose is named after the flying lizards of southeast asia (such as here). i'm crediting my new once-a-week acquaintance with pilates recently for the breakthrough in this pose.

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