Saturday, September 10, 2005

everytime we say goodbye & iced yrg

it's that wacky time of year when the weather's still summer-warm but the light is definitely autumn light -- you can't wear pink anymore, you know? so i spent some time this afternoon at the bklyn public library (heavens i wish they'd finally build that arts collection and not just so i could hang in the coffee bar there!) in search of cecil taylor's rare 1968 "invisible."

which i used to have on tape, you know, taken from a broadcast on the old taos free-form radio station, which alas no longer exists. (no no no, not the ornette coleman one! don't write me about this please! unless you can tell me where to find a copy of the piano piece, of course. . .)

it seems in their collection they only have his album nefertiti. still i went down there just to double-check, but their internet catalog appears to be accurate, up-to-date, and complete! anyway, i returned with a disc of coltrane, the famed my favorite things.

the title track is the iconic song, but i actually prefer the standard second track, "everytime we say goodbye." it seems more introspective to me somehow, altho' of course i love the energy of my favorite things.

anyway, this disc is great for drinking jessica's yrg to; since the weather's warm, i made it up as iced coffee. today it's 72 hours old, and already changing: it's lemon-y winey-ness is coming out, making it seem more like a classic yrg.

on the music front, mr. right alas seems to have left his ipod in a taxi. if anyone finds it, please email me; you'll recognize it by it's unique mix of xtc and tom jones' "what's new pussycat?" (that's his sense of humor there!)

in one sense this is really crushing, as anyone who has ever invested their soul in their little white world can attest. i mean, he had like 192 hours of music straight on the thing, practically 2 solid weeks worth.

in another sense it is fortunate, as the new nano is shipping on the soon. will he go for the form factor or the ability to live for days in a sonic world that matches his mindset perfectly?

i'm sure steve jobs wants to know. . . .

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