Friday, September 09, 2005

jessica's yrg & nola warehouses

"the 700,000 bags of coffee stored in new orleans warehouses operated by port cargo service inc. weren't damaged by hurricane katrina. . ."

and so that answers that! i think it puts the subject to bed.

with joy we move on to jessica's new batdorf yrg from yesterday! this coffee was roasted just 2 days ago, and so i expected some intense bloom when i made it in the vac pot.

despite my best precautions however, i still endured massive foam-over. beware!

however, this coffee is so delicious it's worth the clean-up. the fresh grounds do in fact smell of lavender; and when i lifted the lid off the stove top bodum santos pot to try to stir down the bloom before said massive foam-over, a wonderful soft fruit smell wafted thru the air.

batdorf called it "peach" but i thought it was more like the "apricot" from the nez du café. peach or apricot, we agree it's offering sweet fruit aromas.

alas, i didn't see any of that fruit make it into the cup when made at 60g of coffee per liter of water and brewed for 4 mins. 30 sec. total (including return-down time). the body was good for the vac pot, so i can see why they called it "lush," as i suspect most of their customers will be making it in a cafetiére, which would emphasize the body even more.

when the cup cooled a bit, the slightly lemon note became more apparent, as did the brightness. but it's not as lemony as don schoenholt's gillies yrg, nor does it have the same kind of caramel thing going on.

i would agree it's a medium-bright coffee, even tho' again, as long-time readers know, the vac pot brewing method tends to increase brightness.

in a cafetiére i would expect the brightness, of course, to be muted a tad. perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this lovely coffee for me was that pure lavender note, which i had never experienced in a coffee before.

it smelled exactly like the
lavender you can buy at l'occitane

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