Monday, November 07, 2005

the wnyc interview: before i forget

for those wishing to download and listen to last friday's live radio interview with lenny lopate on wnyc: you absolutely have to listen to it; long-time bccy pals don schoenholt of gillies and coffee author mark pendergast are hilarious.

even tho' i've been a friend of don's for years now, he still came up with tidbits of coffee history that were new to me.

it's one of the best 45 minutes a coffee lover could spend: the wnyc lopate coffee interview with schoenholt and pendergast (streaming mpg3).

listening to it made me so happy: long-time readers know that here i've often discussed don's sumatra lintong "kuda mas" -- or "golden pony" -- triple pick, japanese prep coffee (for example, here) as well as his estate guatemala huehuetenango shb, which, as the interview mentions, is what they're drinking during the conversation. . .

i wonder if don will make that up as his "lopate blend" and offer it online? for the most part i think the interview is pretty solid: i have but one minor niggle -- when don says "coffee has more anti-oxidants than anything" he of course is referring to the famed study by another long-time bccy pal dr. joe vinson finding that coffee is the largest source of anti-oxidants in the north american diet.

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