Monday, February 13, 2006

the doma harrar

first, let me say i was wondering how long it would take you all to figure out that yesterday's audio post and the written blog were not the same thing at all. sorry for my sense of humor!

but it seems silly for me to have one be a transcript of the other, altho' i confess that the lack of a good searchable metadata structure is one of the things that keeps me from podcasting.

and the other may be that, as was said of me recently elsewhere, i'm an obsessive perfectionist. about some things. some important things.

coffee. . .

but on to terry p.'s doma organic ethiopian harrar. got your scaa flavor wheel out?

ok! i brewed this up today in my little cafetiére per usual. this is because i wanted to make the most of that fabulous body for which harrars are often renowned.

and of course, i'm looking for that blueberry. now of course, harrars are also notoriously wild.

extreme, variable, inconsistent. i can sample roast some harrar, grind it all, divide it among 4 different bags, close the bags, walk away for 10 mins., come back, smell the bags, and they can all smell different.

the same can be found when cupping them. so let me say that as brewed this morning, terry's harrar was fantastic, but not blue.

the dry fresh grounds smelled sweetly spicy, and the coffee offered those molasses and dark dutch cocoa flavors i noted in his espresso yesterday. plus, the body was killer, with a lightly winey taste.

in short, it was yummy. but i'm still in search of the blue.

it might be the wildness of the coffee, or i might still need to zero in on the grind that will bring it out. and speaking of grinding. . .

my new set of burrs for the saeco 2002 came today; thank you, jim at 1st-line, for your usual quick delivery. now let's see if i can figure out how to install 'em!

i've had that burr grinder -- which i use for everything except espresso -- for going on 7 years now. it's probably waaay past due for this burr change.

finally -- i've got to start this new series, "regional yoga culture." absolutely.

taiwan apparently is now standing on its head en masse.

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