Tuesday, February 14, 2006

farewell chantico

why did the mermaid's drinking-chocolate product chantico fail? there are many suppositions.

long-time readers know my rap on the stuff. it was unbearably sweet and rich.

you couldn't drink more than 3 sips of it, more the less an entire 6oz. serving. not only was the sweetness nearly disgusting, but the rich fat coated your mouth in sticky, unpleasant way, which is why i thought at the time it wasn't made with an actual natural dairy product.

and further, it was expensive. doubtless people felt ripped off throwing out most a pricey drink they couldn't begin to, well, begin, much less finish.

also, it was hot, which limits it appeal. people are used to drinking coffee hot or cold year 'round, but for most americans, hot chocolate equals christmas and that's it.

cold chocolate drinks like nesquik or chocolate milk are still the province of kiddies only.

anyway, today being valentine's day, i think it's interesting for this story to come out: mermaid's chocolate product fails. they are not invincible, thank goodness.

more later. . .

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