Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the são benedito as a single-origin espresso

yuppers dear readers, i bit the bullet and pulled shots of andrew b's ecco são benedito, the prize-winning c.o.e. coffee from brazil i've been talking about the past few days.

i pulled these triples on my beloved italian princess, the silvia, and ground the coffee on that handsome italian prince, the mazzer mini.

i've always found andrew's coffees easy to work with -- his roast is not only delicious, but makes the coffee quite flexible. so, got your scaa flavor wheels handy?

this coffee's now 9 days old, but still pulls a lovely shot with great crema -- i had it both as a straight espresso and as an americano. as usual, i describe andrew's northern-italian-style roast as basically full city+.

as a triple, i found the são benedito to present a sharp taste, with a lightly syrupy body. i'd call that heavy.

the coffee keeps the main bouquet of floral-citrus, vanilla, almonds, but the caramel aftertaste turns to a powdery dutch cocoa that leaves a slightly dry feeling in the mouth.

i thought the espresso was better than the americano, honestly. i should have tried this also as a cappuccino, but how many triples can a skirt drink in a morning?

tomorrow we cross that glistening wave of microfoam. . .

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