Friday, April 07, 2006

follow that plum

when confronted with a coffee as lush and gorgeous as yesterday's finchwa yrg, long-time readers know that my instinct is to reach for the bodum santos stove top vac pot.

as i've explained here before, while the vac pot is fragile, the particulars of its operation bring out the most subtle nuances in a coffee. and those nuances are the whole show when it comes to coffees as rare and lovely as oren's finchwa.

at just a few days old, i wanted to brew this joe fast before the most delicate flavors faded. and so i awoke early this morning filled with determination.

just a handful of minutes later, i was rewarded with a splendid cup -- of course yesterday i ranted and raved about all the blueberry aroma and dutch chocolate aftertaste this coffee displays.

the vac pot offers all that, plus a delicious note of ripe italian plum. i mean, it's like a plum and blueberry pie.

yes, the plum is clearly in the cup, as well as in the aroma. of course the trade off is in the body -- the finchwa adopts a medium-light body, just a little less thick than you'd find in the chemex, and of course much less heavy than you'd see in the cafetiére.

but it's worth it! and also, as would be expected, the coffee's sparkling winey-ness is more pronounced.

if this extra wine-y quality bothers you, just add a splash of light cream, which will enhance the body and the dessert feeling both!

it's just one of the most stellar coffees you could imagine. it's become a clear favorite in my house!

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