Sunday, April 16, 2006

secrets of the bunny creation

yesterday, while i was making iced coffee, my husband took a walk down thru dumbo by jacques torres' chocolate shop.

there he reported a line that snaked along the cobbled street, while through the plate glass window a horde of busy apprentice chocolatiers could be seen furiously unmolding large easter bunnies, heaping them on a stainless steel table for quick packaging and sale.

since we here at bccy celebrate everyone's holidays, esp. when they give us an excuse to eat more chocolate, i greeted this morning with a nice bar of café tasse 77%. and, alas (sniffle), the last of the beautifully blue finchwa yrg, which i took as a single-origin triple espresso. . .oren, thank you again, ever so much!

today being sunday, naturally i am celebrating with my household's traditional easter pie -- that is a pizza pie, not an actual torta pasqualina, altho' those are widely for sale today in my moonstruck-bklyn nabe along with the classic almond cake in the shape of a dove. it's all good.

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