Saturday, May 06, 2006

the el naranjal americano

continuing from yesterday, after the morning batdorf dancing goat cappuccini here at the bccy household, i went straight to pulling an americano from kevin's gimme colombian c.o.e. el naranjal.

i believe this coffee's now about 4 days old. i ground it at my usual setting on the mazzer mini -- one fantastic thing about the arrow point on the mazzer is that it appears to work for a wide range of coffees, thus reducing the time-consuming dialing-in process -- and pulled a 30-second triple on my beloved italian princess, silvia.

i tasted the el naranjal as a single-origin shot: both pungent and bright; syrupy; dark caramel; turpeny, to be concise about it.

i had about 2.25 oz in the cup, and so i added just a tad less than my usual 4 oz water. i gave it a stir and another taste: turpeny, alright.

with a splash of cream and a dash of sugar-free simple syrup, however, this coffee came alive for me. that made a really enjoyable late morning cup.

since most new yorkers take cream and sugar in their coffee (the so-called "regular"), i now understand kevin's decision to serve this coffee as americano.

espressohounds will be pleased by the turpeny, while most drip coffee lovers will have their eyes opened to the notion of the single-origin shot when they regularize the el naranjal americano.

he's a clever guy, that kevin. . .if you're a dark-roast lover, i highly recommend you check out this el naranjal. but even if you're not, you may be surprised at how enjoyable it is as a regular americano.

i was!

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