Monday, May 22, 2006

peter g's counterculture pico del tucan

oh, dear readers, i bet you believed that i had forgotten about peter g's new c.o.e. bolivian, the pico del tucan. never!

this now 5-day-old coffee hit the chemex this morning. i made it in a less-than-oren proportion: 1.75 oz. fresh ground coffee to 28 oz. water.

got your scaa flavor wheel handy? no?

why don't you have it as a mousepad, hmm?

but seriously, i think this coffee's a city roast, since i don't detect a single speck of oil anywhere. just sticking my nose into the bag gave me a nice whiff of nuttiness, a soft-ish sweetish nut, maybe pecan or brazil nut?

the fresh dry ground seemed floral, which was great. and as the vapors drifted up from the bubbling, blooming grounds -- even at a few days old the bloom was considerable here -- i smelled great malty aromas. more nuttiness, caramel, and nice vanilla.

i agree with peter is in his discussion of this coffee that these bolivian coffees all seem to share a nice vanilla feeling. the taste was bright, more nippy than piquant.

i loved the body of this coffee outta the chemex; it was heavier than i might have expected. overall a clean and nicely balanced cup.

congrats to you peter for this nice coffee, and we should all recognize the accomplishment of the farmer, anacleto uluri.

alas, the c.o.e. apparently isn't going to back to bolivia, due to stupid political nonsense. so i encourage all you coffee lovers to scour your favorite independent roasters for these nice bolivia c.o.e. beans while they last.

who knows when we will see their like again?

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