Tuesday, May 23, 2006

peter g's counterculture pico del tucan, redux

it's interesting how coffee prompts a person to evolve and grow, isn't it? how long ago was it that i -- a hardcore java/sumatra fiend -- had difficulty with winey africans and bright new world coffees?

and yet now i love them as much as my old, old aged sumatra, which for years i gleefully splashed around in. how could i have let my inexperience with good winey prevent me from bathing in my now-beloved blueberry ethiopians?

and this too is how i feel about the recent andean coffees i've been privileged to try. what took me so long?

in reality, it was the c.o.e. and the foresight of some of america's best roasters -- that's what i needed. i needed to see these coffees not as the boring, even dreadful stuff commonly peddled.

i needed exposure to the full quality potential hidden in these origins! and i suspect many other coffee lovers are in the same position.

as i made peter's counterculture pico del tucan from yesterday this morning in the cafetiére, i wondered if i could have even imagined how much i would enjoy a fine andean coffee in those old aged sumatra days.

i wonder. . .

at any rate, after pressing it this morning, i do believe that the cafetiére is the way to go for this coffee. why?

simple: this coffee has great body in the press. very appealing!

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